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The team of Classic Dreams Garage has a combined experience of more than 100 years working on classic cars


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We probably love your car more than you

Alright, y’all listen up. First, there’s yours truly: gave up my fancy tech CEO title just to roll up my sleeves in the heart of Texas, tinkering with classic beauties. Why? Cause microchips don’t have soul, but a roaring V8? That’s pure passion. Next up is Keith, 61 and sharp as a cactus, our master mechanic. Left those modern European wonders ’cause they just had too many dang computers. Then there’s Chuck, the body magician. Sixty-three years young and can’t stop rambling about the sleek lines and curves of the classics – Kinda like a cowboy reminiscing about his favorite horse. Here at the garage, we might just have more passion for your car than you do. And partner, that’s saying’ something!

The best choice for your classic.

In the turbo-charged era of electric doodads and gizmos, many garages won’t even pop the hood on a classic. Why? They’re like handling a supercharged muscle car on a curvy southern backroad – thrilling but demanding. Classics? They’ve got character, history, and sometimes a bit of a temper. That’s where we rev up, taking every twist and turn in stride. At our place, your pride and joy doesn’t get left in the rearview; it’s always in pole position. And, my friend, we know our way around both the engine’s roar and its worth on the market.

We are a full-service classic car repair and restoration shop
  • Car turn-ups

    We provide top-notch service for import and domestic car repairs.

We have experienced mechanics at Classic Dreams Garage
Classic Dreams Garage serves all makes and models of classic cars

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"Revvin' Up Classics the Right Way"

In the vast expanse of Texas, where the roads stretch endlessly and the love for classics runs deep, we’re here to give your timeless beauty the TLC it deserves. From a tune-up that purrs to a polish that turns heads, to diving headfirst into that long-forgotten project, we’ve got the tools, the talent, and the passion. And if you’re looking to dip your toes into the classic car market or make a grand exit, we’ve got your back too!

Services & Repairs

No more feeling in the dumps when she sputters; our team ensures every classic runs smooth, sounds perfect, and feels just right. Relive those golden days with every drive.

Detailing Perfection

Got a special event or just want her to shine like the Lone Star? We buff, polish, and detail to make sure she's the belle of the ball.

Restoration Projects

Dream big, partner! Whether it's a memoy from the past or a vision for the future, we'll bring that dream car roaring back to life, balancing speed with precision.

Buy & Sell Guidance

The classic car market's hotter than a Texas summer. Thinking of selling or buying? Lean on our experience to get the best bang for your buck and navigate the classic car market with ease.

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We are here for all your cars repair, maintenance, and diagnostic needs. No matter how big or small the problem is, our staff is here to help keep your car running properly. Let us take care of your car today.

  • Car turn-ups

    We provide top-notch service for import and domestic car repairs.

  • Car turn-ups

    We provide top-notch service for import and domestic car repairs.

  • Car turn-ups

    We provide top-notch service for import and domestic car repairs.


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Restoration Roadmap!

Reviving a classic isn’t just about turning wrenches and laying down paint. It’s a journey, a dance of precision and passion, and we’ve got our steps down pat. Let’s cruise through our streamlined process that guarantees your classic’s revival is as smooth as its ride.

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Like any southern gentleman would, we begin with a sit-down. We share a cup of joe, talk about classics, and try to understand her needs and your vision.
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We pop the hood and get down to brass tacks, with keen eyes and experienced hands. We'll figure out what's purring and what's ailing, ensuring that no detail is left unchecked.


No surprises here - just honest, straightforward talk. We will lay out what needs to be done, the cost, and how we will get there. And remember, quality work doesn't always mean breaking the bank.
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Time to roll up our sleeves and get to the heart of it. Our seasoned team dives in, infusing life, vigor, and that classic charm back into your ride. And before you know it, she'll be ready to hit the open road with renewed gusto.

Our Experts

Our Experts

Our Professional Mechanics Team Make us Stand Out

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Head Mechanic
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