Service and repairs

Service and repairs

Preserve the Prestige of the Past

Every classic car tells a story, and the last thing you´d want is for that tale to end on a sour note. Regular maintenance isn´t just about keeping her runnign – it´s about safeguarding an investment, a legacy. When she’s humming perfectly, you´re not only ensuring a smooth ride but also about keeping her running – it´s about safeguarding an investment, a legacy. When she’s humming perfectly, you´re not only ensuring a smooth ride but also preserving the very essence that makes her invaluable. And if you ever hear a hiccup or notice something´s amiss? Don´t wait for it to turn into a tragic ballad. A parked classic isn´t just missing out on the open road – it´s a potential wallet-drainer in the making. Here ar Classic Dreams Garage, we believe in proctive love for your beauty. Why wait for tomorrow when she deserves the best today?

Classic Cars maintenance and repairs and Classic Dreams Garage

Scheduled Maintenance

"Just like the good old days, we stick to the script and follow factory specifications. We ensure that your classic car remains as authentic as it was when it first rolled off the showroom floor, while humming smoothly."

Prompt Repairs

"An untimely rattle or a pesky leak? Don't worry, we tackle them head-on before they become a full-blown symphony of issues. With us, repairs aren't just swift; they're a promise to uphold the integrity and value of your timeless treasure."

Pedal to the Metal Perfection

Every classic car has a rhythm, a pulse, a hearthbeat. We don´t just listen; we feel it. And like a Southern guitar tune, every strum, every beat needs to be perfect. At Classic Dreams Car, it ain’t just about wrenching bolts – it´s about reigniting passions and ensuring that legendary hum stays legendary

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Cooling System

Engine and Transmission

Electrical System

Brakes and Suspension

Fuel System

A/C System

Boddy and Paint

Preventive Maintenance

Choose Your Perfect Plan

We help our customers decide and budget their vehicles needs accordingly to their situation. IdealCare will offer all expertise and professionalism of a dealership with a mom and pop approach to customer service. We offer dealer-level service with the personalized touch you’d expect from an independent shop, and our pricing is more affordable.



Pre Purchase Evaluation

Considering the purchase of a classic car? Our comprehensive Pre Purchase Evaluation ensures you’re buying into with our detailed assessment, from the car’s current condition to its potential restoration needs and value in the market. Here’s what our package offers:

  • Comprehensive Engine Analysis: Conduct both wet and dry compression tests to evaluate the overall health of the engine.
  • Fuel System Inspection: Comprehensive examination potentially including pressure and volume tests.
  • Cooling system assessment: pressure testing and fluid inspection to ensure the system's integrity.
  • "Brake System Overview: Perform a visual inspection to detect early signs of wear and potential issues." The original message already had correct spelling and grammar.
  • Electrical health check: Ensure that the electrical components are in good working condition.
  • "A/C System Evaluation: This service includes a checkup of your air conditioning system to ensure optimal performance."
  • Suspension check: Visual inspection for wear and potential structural issues.
  • Transmisison & Differential Analysis: Visual inspections coupled with fluid test for optimal functioning.
  • Tire Examination: Detailed inspection to ensure tire safety and longevity.
  • Body & Frame Assessment: Visual inspection for rust, coupled with pait measurement to determine body condition.
  • Interior Inspection: Detailed look into the car's interiors to assess wear and potential restoration need.
  • Restoration Project Estimate: Providing you with a clear picture of the potential cost and efforts involved in restoring the car to its prime.
  • Market Value Appraisal: Understand the car's interiors to assess wear and potential restoration needs.

Equip yourself with knowledge and make your classic car purcharse with confidence. Choose our Pre Purchese evualution for a comprehensive undertanding of your potential investment.



Classic Commuter Care Package

Driving a classic car daily is a statement of style and passion. To ensure your vintage beauty runs smoothly every day, our package offers a mix of routine maintenance and thorough inspections. Trust us to keep your classic car in daily-drive condition. Here’s what our package offers:

  • Oil change: Get fresh oil for your engine to keep it running smoothly.
  • Tire care: A thorough inspection of tires and rotation is essential to guarantee even wear and longevity.
  • "Fluid Check & Top-Up: Ensuring that all essential fluids are at optimal levels for peak performance."
  • The message is already grammatically correct. There is no grammatical error or spelling mistake in the message.
  • Exterior Wash: Gentle cleaning to maintain that classic shine.
  • "Interior vacuuming: Keeping the inside of your car as impeccable as the outside." Correction: capitalized the first word of the sentence and changed the colon to a hyphen.


Weekend Warrior Care Package

Owning a classic a car that you drive for special occasions or weekends is a unique pleasure. These cherished machines, however, requiere special attention due to the periods of inactivity. Our package is designed to anticipate and address issues, ensuring your car us ever-ready for those special moments. Here’s what our package offers:

  • An oil change is essential for maintaining engine health, especially during long stationary periods.
  • Brake Fluid Service: Full flush and top-up to ensure optimal brake performance and safety.
  • Cooling system service: Complete flush and top-up to prevent overheating and ensure efficient performance.
  • Transmission fluid check: Ensure your gears shift smoothly every time.
  • An electrical health checkup is vital for cars that are stored for prolonged periods. It addresses potential issues before they arise, ensuring that your car remains in good condition.
  • Tire care: Rotating your tires and conducting a detailed inspection can enhance their longevity and promote even wear.
  • 27-Point Inspection: Comprehensive examination of key components for optimum performance and safety. Fix: 27-Point Inspection: Comprehensive examination of key components for optimum performance and safety.
  • Exterior Wash & Shine: This service is a meticulous cleaning and polishing session, which ensures that your classic car gleams brilliantly.
  • Interior Care: This includes vacuuming and detailed interior cleaning to make the inside of your vehicle as pristine as the exterior.



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