Driving a Classic Car: Keeping Cool When the Heat Is On


Driving a Classic Car: Keeping Cool When the Heat Is On

Driving a classic car is a wonderful experience… until triple-digit temperatures arrive and the magic fades.

Most classic cars lack air conditioning systems that can handle summer heat. Some models didn’t offer AC as an option for their year, while others have systems that are no longer operational. Either way, the lack of AC limits the car’s use, especially during long summer days and short nights.

Fortunately, there’s an excellent solution to consider: Vintage Air SureFit Systems.

Vintage Air, a US company based in San Antonio, Texas, specializes in manufacturing complete air conditioning kits for specific makes and models. Their SureFit kits include all the expected parts for an A/C upgrade, such as compressors, condensers, and dryers. They also provide vents, control units, and brackets needed for a minimally invasive installation.

When purchasing a Vintage Air SureFit kit, you’ll need to provide basic information about your car, including year, make, and model. They’ll also ask about the alternator location, belt system type, engine type, and other details to ensure they ship all the necessary components for a successful installation.

Key advantages of these kits include:

  • Vehicle-specific design: SureFit kits are engineered for specific vehicle models, ensuring proper fit and easier installation. They’re designed to use many factory-drilled holes and brackets, minimizing modifications.
  • Complete systems: These kits provide full OEM-style operations, including air conditioning, heating, and dehumidified defrosting.
  • Modern technology: SureFit systems incorporate modern components, eliminating issues like balky control cables or sticking vacuum doors found in older systems.
  • Improved aesthetics: The kits retain a factory look inside the vehicle while enhancing under-hood appearance by eliminating heavy factory equipment. They often include a vehicle-specific firewall cover panel to seal off openings left by removing OEM components.
  • Performance: Vintage Air systems are engineered to outperform original factory systems. They use environmentally friendly HFC-134a refrigerant and are designed for optimal performance.

In our experience, installing one of these kits costs about the same as purchasing components separately and installing them. A Vintage Air SureFit complete kit costs around $2,000. While you can buy used parts for your car at a fraction of the cost, you’ll pay the difference in installation time. The total upgrade cost will be similar, but the Vintage Air system offers superior performance and a warranty.

If you want to enjoy your classic ride during summer, give us a call. We’ve installed multiple systems in various makes. Vintage Air claims you can install the system in a weekend using normal tools, and while that’s true for skilled hobbyists, most people will face challenges with wiring, brackets, belts, charging, and more.

Let us handle the hassle for you. We’ll deliver a cold, OEM-looking A/C system that will make your ride feel like a dream, rain or shine.

Contact us at (469) 273-1722 or info@dreams-garage.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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