Shine Brighter than a Lone Star Night

There’s a magic about classic cars. Under layers of dust, grime, and time lies a gem waiting to gleam again. At Classic Dreams Garage, we believe in giving your ride its righful luster without denting your wallet. Many times, folks think their beauties need an expensive paint job, but a skilled detailing can reveal the brillance hidden beneath. Built with sturdy bones and premium materials, classics possess an innate grandeur. Our pro-grade tools, meticulous techniques, and dedication can escalate your car’s value like a Southern song climbing the charts. And if parting ways ain’t your style, our Ceramic coating ensures she remains a head-turner, even after long Texas siestas in the garage.

1983 BMW 320i restored interior

Preserve with Pasison

Regular detailing can maintain the rich hues and textures of your classic vehicle. Consider it as pampering your prized possession, allowing its original beauty to shine without the need for expensive interventions.

Storage Shine

Before stashing away your classic for a season or two, a detailed cleaning and Ceramic coating will protect its grandeur, ensuring that you will be greeted with the same sparkle when you are ready for the next ride.

Unearth the Classic's True Shine

With Classic Dreams Garage, rediscover the beauty your vintage vehicle was always destined to exude.

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  • Premium products and tools.
  • Value-Driven Approach
  • Tailored Techniques.
  • "Protective Ceramic Coating"

Choose Your Perfect Plan

We help our customers decide and budget their vehicles needs accordingly to their situation. IdealCare will offer all expertise and professionalism of a dealership with a mom and pop approach to customer service. We offer dealer-level service with the personalized touch you’d expect from an independent shop, and our pricing is more affordable.


400 to 600

Classic Shine Package

Keep your classic car looking its best with our Classic Shine Package. This package offers meticulous cleaning and polishing to maintain that showroom shine, ensuring your vintage beauty always turns heads.  Here’s what our package offers:

  • Detox Wash (includes deep cleaning, claying, and a final wash).
  • Interior vacuuming and surface wipe-downs.
  • Leather conditioning (if applicable)
  • Wheel cleaning and tire dressing.

Ceramic Coating Services:

  • 1 layer of ceramic coating for deeper gloss and enhanced protection for 1 year.

700 to 1,200

Classic Preservation Package

Enhance and protect your classic’s appearance with the Classic Preservation Package. Including paint correction and premium ceramic coating, this package is designed to preserve your car’s paintwork, safeguarding its timeless look against the elements. Here’s what our package offers:

  • All the features of the Classic Shine package.
  • Chrome and metal polishing
  • Upholstery cleaning or steam cleaning.

Ceramic Coating Services:

  • Moderate paint correction (if necessary).
  • 2 layers of ceramic coating provide a deeper gloss and enhanced paint protection for up to 3 years.

1,300 to 2,800

Classic Restoration Package

Revive the luster of your cherished classic with our Classic Restoration Package. Tailored for cars that need more than just a touch-up, this package includes advanced paint correction and our top-tier ceramic coating, breathing new life into your classic’s appearance. Here’s what our package offers:

  • All features of the Classic Prevention package.
  • High gloss finish polish
  • Engine bay cleaning.

Ceramic Coating Services:

  • Advanced paint correction (if necessary).
  • 2 layers of ceramic coating with our most advanced product for the ultimate gloss and enhanced paint protection for 5 years.



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