Sales and Brokerage

Sales and Brokerage

Turning Drems into Driveway

At Classic Dreams Garage, we don’t just nurture the heartbeats of classic cars, we also bridge the desires of enthusiasts with their dream rides. Our curated collection of classics is an open invitation to explore, own, and cherish automative history. And if you’re on a quest for a unique classic, our bespoke design tool helps brign your vision to life, ensuring your investment is not just about the ride but also about the return. Ready to say goodbye to a treasured classic? We’ve got the avenues to make your parting smooth, profitable, and hassle-fre

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

Curated Classics

Dive into our inventory and discover fully restored treasures, waiting for new adventures.

Bespoke Builds

Don't just dream it, design it! Our intuitive tool crafts a project blueprint tailored to your desires.

Invest Smart

We don't just provide a budget; we offer a peek into your project's future worth, turning restoration into a rewarding venture.

Effortless Exits

Whether it's consignment, brokerage, or consultancy, we simplofy your selling experience, amplifying visibility and value.


From financing to post-purchase services, our commitment extends beyond the sale, ensuring every ride out of our garage is a journey cherished.



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